Summer Update

To say that this has been a busy summer would be quite the understatement. And the summer isn’t even over yet! In fact, it has been a busy year. Two Cats Fighting Productions found ourselves at two film festivals this past spring: Sun Valley Film Festival in March for our music video “When Frida Became,” and Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF) in May for our music video “Everybody Masturbate.” In January, we produced the short film “Chug – A Cautionary Tale,” and have been steadily working on a new music video for Project213.

We spent months in pre-production making sure that everything was perfect, and on July 6th, we rolled camera for the first time for this epic music video that will involve greenscreen suits and dancing teddy bears interacting with humans. Every day that we shoot for this project we learn and figure out something new. Maneuvering a teddy bear to make him actually look like he’s walking across the screen while his two human co-stars walk with him is quite the feat. We storyboarded every shot of this seven minute music video and planned out all the details down to what the bear will be wearing. It is quite an extensive project and we couldn’t do it without the storytelling and directing brain of Katie Preston and the music of Jared Hallock. The concept for this project is completely unique and will be a fresh take on the act of living life. We all live life from day-to-day and Katie paints an honest picture of just how mundane and equally creative that life can be.

Nearly every weekend so far this summer has been spent working on this project and we hope to wrap and start editing before the beginning of fall. While we are in full-swing with this project, we are also prepping for a new short film. Location scouting has taken us on some fun hikes and is allowing us to explore our more creative side with storytelling. And while THAT is going on, we are in pre-production for a feature film that we are planning on shooting next summer. The first few drafts of the script have been completed and we have already had a table read with the lead actors. It was such an experience to hear my words come to life with their voices. This will be our first big attempt at a feature film and I can’t wait to get my hands on that camera and start shooting.

Until then, I leave you with a project we worked on last summer, but have only now released. We haven’t released it for any other reason except to say “Here! Watch and hopefully enjoy. And maybe if you want to give us money to produce this we wouldn’t be opposed to that either.

This particular project is a teaser for another feature film that we would like to make in the near future. In June of 2012, we dragged a number of our friends up to a cabin on a lake in beautiful McCall, Idaho and fed them, filled them with booze, and let them enjoy a weekend together. All while reciting lines and stretching their acting wings to perform different scenes from a movie that they haven’t even read yet. All they really know about the film is what the teaser shows, and of course, what our logline says:

Five years after the passing of a mutual friend, a group of acquaintances retreat into the wilderness to carry out his dying wish and discover that which may seem like the end is only the beginning.

Now, back to working on those films and waiting to hear news of other film festivals that we hope to attend this year.

Until next time, Peace out Film Lovers,

Stephanie Michelle Lokelani, Producer

Sun Valley Film Festival: There and Back Again, Part 1

It is nearly 11 PM on Tuesday, March 12th, and I am no where near wanting to go to bed. In fact, I just opened a beer. And so did Gene. At 7 AM on Thursday, we’ll be hitting the road and stuffing five people in our little Honda Civic, named Falcore, and heading to Sun Valley for the second annual Sun Valley Film Festival. We will be spending four glorious days sharing a condo with some of the best filmmaking collaborating friends this side of the Mississippi, and watching tons of independent film from Idaho and the world. There will be celebrities – and I’m not talking about the stars from our music video, When Frida Became – but some lesser known actors like Jodie Foster. We are ecstatic and yes, to some degree a little nervous, and looking forward to our first film festival.

When Frida Became was accepted into Sandpoint Film Festival in 2012, but we were unable to attend as we had just moved into our first house the weekend before. Jared Hallock and Katie Preston of Project213 were able to go and REPRESENT us proudly. They returned with nothing but fun stories to tell and an urge to create something for next year. So, with their great reviews, we’re prepping ourselves for what could be the best weekend of our lives.

I’ll try to keep up on the Two Cats Fighting blog while there, but I can’t guarantee anything. I mean, if Jodie Foster wants to hang out I’m not going to ask for a rain-check because I need to update our three fans as to what we did at the festival that day. But I will do my best to keep up on Twitter, you can find me at @stephsmile and also on foursquare as Stephanie Michelle Lokelani.

Peace Out Film Lovers,

Stephanie Michelle Lokelani