Sun Valley Film Festival: There and Back Again, Part 5

Sunday came too soon and we were already saddened by the closing of Sun Valley Film Festival. But with an extra jump in our step and loads of inspiration, we were ready to conclude this awesome weekend with some short films, ice cream, and an awards ceremony.

I don’t quite recall in what order the ice cream eating happened, but it happened, and it was damn good. We were unable to catch the first Short Film program as that was showing just before our music video showed the day prior, but we were able to attend the second Short Film program. I always love watching short films. One, because those are mostly what we make, and two you can really get an idea of what other films people are making. Short Film programs allow you to experience a number of films from different genres and different areas of not just the US, but the entire world. We were given the chance to see some GREAT shorts and came away very pleased with what else this wonderful independent world of film makers has to offer.

Concluding the short film program, was a long Q&A in which the audience got to ask the different filmmakers questions about their projects and process. It was definitely a wonderful addition to the program.

From there, we headed back to our condo as we had to say goodbye to half of our party. Some people had to work the next day, so a few of us were left behind to attend the closing ceremonies.

Sun Valley Film Festival was very accommodating to their film makers and really made us all feel like we were a part of something grand. They had free wine and beer at the closing ceremony and gave off a very welcoming vibe. The welcoming vibe was there all along, but to feel it contained in a single building at the end of the festival was a great experience. Jodie Foster handed out the “Best in Fest” award and also received a Key to the City of Sun Valley, presented by the Mayor. She said something that really stuck with everyone (I am paraphrasing): Remember this festival the way it is now.

This year was only the second year for the Sun Valley Film Festival and already they had doubled their numbers in terms of attendance, and I believe in terms of film submissions. Jodie Foster, in her words, made us recognize that that weekend of film was akin to a young Sundance. While I have never attended Sundance, especially in its younger years, I might have to agree with her. It was intimate, inspiring, and everything I could have asked for. A huge thank you to the people who organized and executed the entire weekend. We will most definitely be returning, with or without a film in hand, that’s how wonderful this film festival was.

Until next time, Peace Out Film Lovers,

Stephanie Michelle Lokelani