Sun Valley Film Festival: There and Back Again, Part 4

Cast and Crew of "When Frida Became" at the Sun Valley Film Festival, 2013.

Cast and Crew of “When Frida Became” at the Sun Valley Film Festival, 2013.

On Saturday morning, we decided to “stay in,” and make each other breakfast. We woke up a bit later than the day before, started the coffee pot, and got to cooking. I have to say, I thoroughly love cooking breakfast with, and for, my friends. There was much laughter, great breakfast smells, and lots of talking. Not to mention a killer breakfast. We shall have to do it again some time.

The reason we chose to spend the morning cooking for each other, was because at exactly 2:45pm, our music video, “When Frida Became,” would be showing to an audience at Sun Valley Film Festival. Can I get an AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Nerves were high that morning along with excitement. Our faces couldn’t hide our joy and apprehensiveness at having a film of ours show at a film festival. I mean, this is one of the many reasons why we do these film projects: so people can see it. And one of the best places to show your film projects is at a film festival. To other people. Who are also there to appreciate and watch film. So, to say we were nervous, might be an understatement. At least for myself, I guess I can’t speak for anyone else.

After breakfast, and after we couldn’t stand being in that little condo staring at each other any longer, we left for town and to drink. We needed to loosen up somehow. So, we hit a local pizza joint for drinks. Then the time came to head to the theatre and prepare ourselves for our showing.

It was a small intimate theatre that could seat about 30 people. We took up two-and-a-half rows. Hey, when we’re asked to represent, we REPRESENT! The other music videos shown during this time came from all over the United States and showcased some very talented¬†musicians¬†and film makers. We were honored to be chosen and shown among these other great works of art.

As soon as the lights went down and the promo video for Sun Valley Film Festival began, a couple of tears slid down my face. This was a dream come true and we were living proof that if you work hard enough, you can see your projects come to life on the big screen. I am so very proud of the work that everyone put into this project. Watching “When Frida Became” at the 2013 Sun Valley Film Festival was an experience that I wouldn’t have missed.

After the showing there was a Q&A for one of the projects shown, and that was that. Everyone clapped, the lights came up, and we exited the theatre in silent excitement. As soon as we were outside in the open air, we gave each other hugs and congratulations. We’d made it through watching our film at a film festival, and we all survived.

Of course, more drinking was in order, so we headed to a local bar to share a couple pitchers of beer and bask in the glory of being movie stars. Unfortunately, no one asked for our autographs, but, who’s keeping track?

The one movie we chose to watch that Saturday was “Starlet,” by a young director named Sean Baker. This feature film, starring Dree Hemingway is making it’s rounds, and I can honestly say that I know why. “Starlet,” is an incredible film about a unique friendship between a 21-year-old woman and an elderly stranger. Trust me when I say, you must see this movie. It is being talked about by many and the director has made it to a list of top up-and-coming directors. That’s saying something. It really is a work of art and the acting helps pull you into the story. We all have odd friendships, and this particular film really allows you to examine your own friendships and what those people mean to you.

After that amazing film, we headed to the main event to see Built to Spill and Finn Riggins in concert. Imagine standing in a bar in Sun Valley, listening to awesome local music, and bumping into famous people who are at the same bar listening to the same bands! Yeah, that was our Saturday night.

Peace Out Film Lovers,

Stephanie Michelle Lokelani

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