We like to make movies and have become well versed in filmmaking on a budget. Utilizing as many Idaho resources as possible, we have created over 30 short films (most of which we refuse to show you) and a handful of music videos. Since our first "production" in 2007, we have grown to include motion graphics, green screen effects, and a crane and dolly for impressive cinematography of our beautiful state of Idaho. We're always ready to tackle that next project and enjoy working with local talent who have opened our minds and challenged us to think outside the box and create films that encompass a wide range of life and art.


Retreat Teaser Chug - A Cautionary Tale Everybody Masturbate
When Frida Became Metaphor - Katy Perry Firework Parody I Gotta Feeling - Dungeons and Dragons Parody
The Best Fisherman in the World Angels Unaware - Sundance Project Direct 2009 Thunder Rack - Fighting Cocks i48 2011