This is a brief sample of the films we have created since 2007, spanning a wide range of styles, genres, and budgetary constraints.


I Gotta Feeling - Dungeons and Dragons Parody

     Originally created as part of "Tiger and Rose," a YouTube project we used to produce on a weekly basis. This was easily the most successful (and highest budget) video we produced for the project. We wrote and recorded a parody version of "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas, and recruited a large cast for the creation of this video. Tarol Hunt (Thunt to his fans) allowed us to use images from his popular webcomic, Goblins, for the purposes of the video as well.


Metaphor - Katy Perry "Firework" Parody

     This video was created for "Tiger and Rose," a YouTube project we used to produce on a weekly basis. A parody music video, we wrote and performed the music in this piece as well as creating the video. While reception to the video was quite mixed, we were very pleased with what we were able to accomplish. Sexually suggestive themes.


Angels Unaware

     Angels Unaware was created for "Project: Direct" for the Sundance Film Festival 2009

     This was our very first project using our new video camera, a Canon HV30. Stephanie Michelle Lokelani filmed the entire thing with no experience on the more complex workings of the camera, since we were on a deadline and had less than a week to get the entire thing done, including editing. As a result, there are some exposure issues and a few focus issues, which of course we notice more now that we know they could have been eliminated. But that's just hindsight. We believe the film turned out well regardless, and it was an interesting leap into more serious and emotional subject-matter, as opposed to our usual lighthearted comedies.


The Best Fisherman in the World

     This is a 10 minute short film we submitted to the Stella Artois Film Festival in 2009, in hopes of winning $50,000 and a chance to meet Kevin Spacey in New York. We made top ten, out of well over a thousand entries. While we didn't win the contest, being top ten meant that our film was viewed by Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne, Dame Judi Dench, Sacha Baron Cohen, and James Blunt, the celebrity judges of the competition.


Thunder Rack

     Created for i48 2011 (Idaho 48-hour Film Festival), Thunder Rack was written, filmed, and edited in 48 hours. This is not an official Two Cats Fighting production, because there were people involved from various production teams under the name "The Fighting Cocks." This one is hosted on the YouTube channel of our friends over at Airsoft Riot, one of whom was our cameraman on this project!


When Frida Became

Sandpoint Official Selection Laurel Sunvalley Film Festival Official Selection Laurel

     When Frida Became was our first collaboration with talented Boise musician Jared Hallock of Project213. Inspired by the life of Frida Kahlo, this film tells the story of a dancer who must redefine herself as an artist after a tragic accident. It is an imaginative art film, utilizing animation by Hamill Creative, and metaphorical symbolism throughout. Official Selection at the 2012 Sandpoint Film Festival in Sandpoint, Idaho, and the 2013 Sun Valley Film Festival in Sun Valley, Idaho.


Everybody Masturbate

Seattle True Independent Film Festival Official Selection Laurel PollyGrind Film Festival Official Selection Laurel

     Our second collaboration with Boise musician Jared Hallock of Project213, this irreverant music video features animation and motion graphics created by both Two Cats Fighting Productions as well as Hamill Creative. Written and directed by Katie Preston, this provacative work, which won Audience Favorite Music Video at Pollygrind Underground Film Festival in 2013, explores taboo subject matter against a backdrop of innocence, specifically tailored to shock and amuse. Not for the prudish or closed-minded.


Chug - A Cautionary Tale

Northwest Film Forum Local Sightings Official Selection Laurel

     A glance at the life and logic of two bored roommates. Or: drinking is a pain in the ass. Created in January of 2013, Chug - A Cautionary Tale was an Official Selection at the Northwest Film Forum Local Sightings Film Festival, 2013. Written and directed by Katie Preston and Stephanie Michelle Lokelani. Original soundtrack by Jared Hallock of Project213. Edited by Gene Eilebrecht.


Retreat Trailer

     Five years after the passing of a mutual friend, a group of acquaintances retreat into the wilderness to carry out his dying wish and discover what may seem like the end is only the beginning. This teaser was created for our feature film, "Retreat," shot the summer of 2014. Visit our webpage to learn more and meet the cast and crew!


Retreat Feature Film

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Retreat Teaser
Retreat Teaser

Chug - A Cautionary Tale
Chug - A Cautionary Tale

Stanley, Idaho

It was a warm spring day in sunny Southern California. Pandora, our cat who had lived through five moves, three cats, and two dogs had just about had enough of her newest housemate, Bandit. He was just a tiny black kitten, but he was a terror on four legs whose best friend in the entire world was Pandora. Bandit called it playing when the two of them wrestled for a spot on the couch, Pandora called it annoying. On this particular day, Pandora had had enough of his antics and when Bandit lunged at her with his famous pin-the-kitty-to-the-floor move, Pandora swiped and caught his pounce with ease. During this entire show of “love,” we were busy writing our first feature-length screenplay. As we sat there listening to the two of them battle it out play, Two Cats Fighting Productions was born.

Pandora has since passed and Bandit has accepted three other kitties into his home, but he still finds it in his heart to allow these two the privilege of fighting for their spot on the couch. Ashtoreth, Stella, and River had no idea what they walked into when they arrived at our backdoor hungry and cold, but they have learned to accept that Bandit loves to fight. Now, enough about the cats…

Two Cats Fighting is a small production company located in Boise, Idaho. We have been creating films since we bought our first camera in 2007, but the desire to make movies goes farther back to 2001, when we left our theatre lives in Colorado and headed to the big city of San Francisco. During our five-year stay in California, moving from San Francisco, to Anaheim, we learned a lot about different aspects of filmmaking. We mostly learned that two inexperienced stage actors couldn’t find an acting job when they were both working two part-time jobs just to pay the rent. In 2005, we moved to Boise, Idaho to pursue what we considered a simpler route – making our own films. If you can’t get hired as an actor, start your own production company, and hire yourself! It was a motto that we lived by for many years.

Today, we place ourselves predominantly behind the camera, working with local talent to create comedies, dramas, music videos, and short films. Through the process of making our own films, we have realized how much we love every aspect of filmmaking. Writing is Stephanie Michelle Lokelani’s passion and Gene Eilebrecht is a god in the editing room. We both adore directing and allowing our actors to explore their characters, while bringing our ideas alive. We have written, produced, and edited more than a dozen short films and are constantly working on our next big project. Aside from our fighting cats, filmmaking is our life. Yes, we are married and we rarely fight. We’re just awesome like that.

Gene Eilebrecht and Stephanie Michelle Lokelani

Producers, Two Cats Fighting Productions

While we primarily focus on the production of our personal projects, we are available for outside commission. Please contact us if you have a specific project in mind.