Stanley, Idaho

It was a warm spring day in sunny Southern California. Pandora, our cat who had lived through five moves, three cats, and two dogs had just about had enough of her newest housemate, Bandit. He was just a tiny black kitten, but he was a terror on four legs whose best friend in the entire world was Pandora. Bandit called it playing when the two of them wrestled for a spot on the couch, Pandora called it annoying. On this particular day, Pandora had had enough of his antics and when Bandit lunged at her with his famous pin-the-kitty-to-the-floor move, Pandora swiped and caught his pounce with ease. During this entire show of “love,” we were busy writing our first feature-length screenplay. As we sat there listening to the two of them battle it out play, Two Cats Fighting Productions was born.

Pandora has since passed and Bandit has accepted three other kitties into his home, but he still finds it in his heart to allow these two the privilege of fighting for their spot on the couch. Ashtoreth, Stella, and River had no idea what they walked into when they arrived at our backdoor hungry and cold, but they have learned to accept that Bandit loves to fight. Now, enough about the cats…

Two Cats Fighting is a small production company located in Boise, Idaho. We have been creating films since we bought our first camera in 2007, but the desire to make movies goes farther back to 2001, when we left our theatre lives in Colorado and headed to the big city of San Francisco. During our five-year stay in California, moving from San Francisco, to Anaheim, we learned a lot about different aspects of filmmaking. We mostly learned that two inexperienced stage actors couldn’t find an acting job when they were both working two part-time jobs just to pay the rent. In 2005, we moved to Boise, Idaho to pursue what we considered a simpler route – making our own films. If you can’t get hired as an actor, start your own production company, and hire yourself! It was a motto that we lived by for many years.

Today, we place ourselves predominantly behind the camera, working with local talent to create comedies, dramas, music videos, and short films. Through the process of making our own films, we have realized how much we love every aspect of filmmaking. Writing is Stephanie Michelle Lokelani’s passion and Gene Eilebrecht is a god in the editing room. We both adore directing and allowing our actors to explore their characters, while bringing our ideas alive. We have written, produced, and edited more than a dozen short films and are constantly working on our next big project. Aside from our fighting cats, filmmaking is our life. Yes, we are married and we rarely fight. We’re just awesome like that.

Gene Eilebrecht and Stephanie Michelle Lokelani

Producers, Two Cats Fighting Productions

While we primarily focus on the production of our personal projects, we are available for outside commission. Please contact us if you have a specific project in mind.